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Our Apocalypse: Understanding the Book of Revelation from a Project Perspective

Matthew Omaye Ajake


Religion & Spirituality

The Peddler and the Cloud

Scott Badger


Short Stories


I'd Do It Again

Margery Benedict


Adventures in Learning to Trust God

Joy Boese



Mission Field

Why Parkinson's Disease? Why Not?

Marjorie (Ward) Bottorff


Buried Treasure: Finding Hope and Understanding in Autism

Carolin Corum


Ocean Star

Christina (Davis) DiMari


Children as Victims, Witnesses, and Offenders

Jillian N. (Ducker) Mongetta


The Shadowside Trilogy

Robert Elmer


Conquering Fear

Roger L. Frye


The People Time Forgot

Alice Gibbons


Where the Earth Ends

Alice Gibbons


The Quotable Simpson

Jonathan Graf


The Okayest Mom: When Gods Plan of Adoption Doubled my Family

Natalie Gwyn

  1998 Non-Fiction



Religion & Spirituality 

A Grandfather Speaks: A Message from the Heart  William Hitt         

It's Not Too Late Richard Lentz        

Of Angels, Beasts and Plagues: The Message of Reveltation for a New Millennium Kenneth Maahs        

The John You Never Knew: Decoding the Fourth Gospel Kenneth Maahs        

Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry Margaret Marcuson        

Two Lives One Dream Nancy (Knippel) McBride        

Footprints & Fragrance in the Outback Marilyn (Stewart) Osborne        

Child of the Outback Marilyn (Stewart) Osborne        

Dr. Phillips has written 13 books, plus 3 translations of some New TEstament books in English, and one video series of ten sessions.  Dr. Judy Phillips        

Delicious on my Ears - A book about Simpson alumni John Newman '38 Marty Robinette        

 The Best of A.B. Simpson  A.B. Simpson        

Re-Examining Religious Persecution: Constructing a Theological Charles Tieszen      


World Christianity

Wingspread A.W. Tozer        

The Pursuit of God A.W. Tozer        

Healing Power, Voice Activated Drake Travis